Benefits of Hiring A Chimney Sweep

There are many misconceptions about chimney sweeping.  A surprisingly large amount of people believe that chimney sweeping is outdated! This could not be further from the truth.  Professional chimney sweeps are the only ones with both the knowledge and the hands on experience to clean a chimney thoroughly, safely, and efficiently thereby maintaining the chimney for a safe fire.  Here are a few benefits of hiring a chimney sweep:

Prevent a house fire

Nobody wants their home to burn down from a chimney fire.  However, if you try to clean your own chimney or do not have it cleaned at all you could be putting your home at risk of catching alight.  When fireplaces are used, certain substances like creosote (exhaust fume from wood burning) stick to the inside walls of the chimney.  This creosote inside the walls of the chimney (powder consistency) can easily catch alight.  Professional chimney sweeps have the tools and cleaning supplies necessary to reach both the creosote and get rid of trapped gases from it completely.  Bird’s nests or blocked chimneys cause noxious gases which become trapped inside your chimney.  You may not know it is blocked, and lighting your fire for the first time for winter, can cause trapped gases, which has accumulated over time to ignite in an instant.

Ensure chimney strength

Over time, chimneys can become weak.  If a chimney is not structurally sound, it would be unsafe and in need of repairs.  During a professional chimney sweep service, a chimney sweeper performs a thorough inspection of your chimney to ensure that it’s sturdy.  Analysis of the debris, can determine the internal health or condition of the chimney.  Rust, bricks, soot, sand etc. this gives an indication of the health of the chimney, which your chimney sweeper should advise you about when completed.

Ensure safety

There are several reasons why you should never try to clean your chimney on your own.  The first reason is because it can be extremely dangerous. A normal person does not have the tools, cleaning supplies, knowledge, or experience needed to tactfully clean a chimney.  Instead of putting your safety at risk, just pick up your phone and call a professional.

Prevent smoke damage

If you use your chimney regularly, it is normal for it to become clogged with soot and creosote.  However, if it is not cleaned routinely, this blockage could cause some extreme damage.  When the smoke does not have enough room to escape through the chimney, it will flood back into the home instead.  Not only is smoke inhalation dangerous for your health, but the smoke can also damage your home.  A professional has high quality tools needed to unclog chimneys quickly before smoke damage is becomes a possibility.

Reduce carbon monoxide exposure

A clogged chimney is extremely dangerous.  While they naturally become blocked over time with creosote, this can lead to carbon monoxide exposure.  If a chimney is working properly, the risk of carbon monoxide exposure is quite low.  However, as soon as there is a blockage, the exposure risk increases significantly.  Carbon monoxide is an extremely dangerous gas for humans and is responsible for several hundred deaths annually.  The Original Chimney Sweeps is unique to other Cape Town-based chimney sweep companies because they are not only knowledgeable, but also experienced and passionate about what they do.  They have spent time honing the craft of chimney sweeping to ensure that the job is done right, the first time with no hassle.  They service neighbourhoods from Hout Bay to Stellenbosch and beyond.

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